Monday, August 2, 2010

to jump or not to jump

Last week the boys enjoyed the diving boards at the rec center for the first time. They both went off the high dive right away with no problems. They did it several times. Today when we went they just couldn't do it. Maybe the first time they were pumped and had more adrenalin? They wanted to do it but as soon as they started walking out on the plank they looked down and panicked. Then they had to come back down the ladder. I reminded them we were there to have fun and they could stick with the low dive. But noooo. Oh sheesh. They both went up several times and then came back down the stairs.

Waiting in line happy and excited. Poor little puppies.

Ice cream makes everything better.

Pioneer Day

We joined up with two other stakes for the annual Pioneer Day Parade. Our ward was given a train theme. You can see jonah in a blue train box. It was so hot and my trains for the kids were falling apart. Violet started balling when the front of her train fell off. I ducked taped straps on it (like Kyle told me to do the night before) but she was already spent before the parade started. My friend who made them with me said she did glue gun, duck tape, super glue, everything the night before and hers fell apart too. I guess we needed to bolt everything together! For next time, I guess. Actually next year we are doing wagons and scooters!!

Violet is wearing a bonnet I got on church history trip in high school. I've been saving in my closet for something like this. It was worth the saving.

A fire truck hooked a hose up to the hydrant and sprayed out over the park. They boys were elated for the moisture... and the mud.

We were all wet and it felt so good.

Jonah is happy.

Seth's Baptism

Seth is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was beautiful to see him be baptized. He beamed with happiness. I can see that Seth has reached the age of accountability. I can hear it in his prayers to Heavenly Father and in his awareness of right and wrong.

Seth's cousin, Joy, is the same age so they were baptized the same day. I love seeing the boy and girl counterpart with these two as they grow and hit milestones. It was sweet to hear them sing, "I Am a Child of God."

Here is the family before Seth and Kyle changed into whites. It was a wonderful, spiritual day.

I enjoyed this quote from Relief Society on Sunday:
President McKay, "Man is a spiritual being, a soul, and at some period of his life everyone is possessed with an irresistible desire to know his relationship to the Infinite. There is something within him which urges him to rise above himself, to control his environment, to master the body and all things physical and live in a higher and more beautiful world."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beware: Over the Top...Proud Mom Post!

Seth turned 8 this month! He will be baptized on Saturday. Seeing him in this uniform and imagining his baptism is melting my heart. I love him so much. He is truly a good boy. We enjoy his sense of humor and sweet presence in our family.

He has been taking piano lessons (from me) for the last few months and it has been such a good time together. I have been surprised with how well he is doing and how willing he is. He is now playing songs on the grand staff. This week he started a song that has notes in the bass cleff and treble cleff at the same time. He counts out loud and learns fast. Soooo cute! We are just getting to the hard stuff so I realize I may be singing a completely different tune very soon. Learning an instrument is hard work!

He had a pool party in Granny and Grandpa's backyard. My pictures from the party are not great. I think my camera was on a wacky setting by accident. Oh well, I still want them in my record so we can smile and remember this day 10 years from now. He had a Toy Story 3 Cake. Kyle gave him a baseball and glove and they play catch in the evenings...again my heart melting. Another gift Seth was so excited for was his diary. He recently read all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. He asked me several times for a diary for his birthday so I found him one that has a lock and key. He hides the key in a little clock that granny gave has a little drawer and he painted it himself. He seems so much older now at 8. My heart is melting a lot lately.

Seth and Julian. They are in the same primary class and have the same teacher for 3rd grade in the fall.

Kyle is looking awesome. Too bad it's so blurry. He is about to catch the yellow football in the upper right corner.

Violet has been swimming this week without her life jacket! I took off her life jacket one day at the rec center and she swam around in the zero entry pool. It seemed like she was doing some real swimming in that shallow water. So at Seth's party I let her swim to me. The first time she sank and I wasn't sure we should keep trying. I had her practice kicking from the steps and practice using her arms. Then we tried again and she did great! She is very proud of herself. I warned you this post was over the top. I'm indulging.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Seth had surgery to remove the rod and screws from his femur exactly one week ago. I told him he could get a pet hermit crab when he started walking again. He was very brave and started walking on Tuesday! Today he had a doctor's appointment and his bandages were removed. He can go swimming tomorrow! Yipee! He likes taking care of his hermit crab. He named him Crabby and he loves the double meaning.

Cousins came over the day we got the hermit crabs (Jana had a doctor appt nearby). They held the crabs and had cute conversations about what the crabs liked and how they were feeling. I'm liking this pet because they can hold it and feel more attached (before we had Gophiss the snake who was way too scary to hold).

Jonah picked out a hermit crab too. He dropped his little hermit crab twice onto the hard floor within minutes of getting home. We've made a hard and fast rule to hold the critters over the kitchen table. I think the dropping was partly because he was still a little nervous to hold the crab. Jonah likes to make sure his crab is well misted with a little sprayer we bought.

San Diego vacation

Sand Monsters. The goal of this trip was to have the kids play and run wild. We spent most of our time playing and swimming at the beach. Seth and Jonah were great in the waves. I am so glad we brought their life jackets because they were not shy about going out pretty deep. After each swim they rolled around in the warm sand. I remember doing the same thing when I was little because the water gets so chilly. I admit I became a sand monster this trip as well. I even talked Kyle into laying in the sand to warm up!

Kyle and I also went on two wonderful dates after we put the kids to bed (we left them with my mom and dad). We saw the movie Prince of Persia and we both thought it was great. It's a good one to see in the theater! I really liked that I didn't know a thing about this movie, so it was awesome to see the story and visual effects unfold.

Boys play.

The castle building begins.

Dancing on the beach.

The castle building progresses. I can see Kyle in the background bringing an orange bucket of water to fill the moat.

Violet is buried.

We all snorkeled at La Jolla beach. Seth would come up shaking with excitement every time he saw a fish. He LOVED it. He had surgery the day after we came home from this trip and as he was being prepped, I told him about snorkeling in Hawaii and how the water is so clear and you can see all kinds of fish and coral. I told him we'll go someday and he'll love it. As they wheeled him away I said to Kyle, "Did I just promise Seth we'd take him to Hawaii?!" He just said, Yesss.
Violet did not like the waves at all. Kyle convinced her to lay on the boogie board so he could pull her around on the shoreline. It was adorable. Seth and Jonah were great boogie boarders. They were all for getting a ride. Kyle took them way out to the big waves and then gave an extra push and they rode all the way up to the shoreline. The first time Jonah did it, he didn't have a good grip and position on the board so he wiped out big time. After tumbling through the waves, he poked his head out of the water, wiped the sand off his face and said, "Let's do it again." Kyle said Jonah must of thought this was what boogie boarding was (getting smashed in the big waves) and Kyle couldn't believe Jonah was okay with it.

She looks cute even if she won't get near the water.

Searching for crabs.

The crab collection

We saw seals at La Jolla beach. Jonah wanted to swim out to this seal so badly. In the cave next to the rocks where the boys were hunting for crabs, there was a sick seal stuck in a hole. We went in the cave and took a closer look. Pretty sad. Later some animal rescuers came and took him out on a stretcher.

Violet spots a seagull.

The squirrel near our camp on the beach.

Hi Mr. Squirrel.

The Mormon Battalion

On Sunday we went to the Mormon Battalion visitor's center in Old San Diego. It was absolutely amazing! It was recently redone and has only been newly opened for a few months. They did not cut any corners. They have an outside area for old west activities and chores.

Seth is panning for gold with Grandma.

Violet and Jonah are watching one of the films. They were so well done. We were surprised to see John Hanks from our old Green Valley ward as a main character in a film. In one room the seats vibrate with the action in the film.

Violet is pumping water for her tough day ahead as pioneer girl.

Our sister missionary was so cute. Made me want to go on a mission.

Seth worked hard to bring the bucket up to the surface.

A little wagon ride.

Seth is strong and valiant like this soldier.

Belmont Amusement Park

We found this small amusement park near the condo and right along the shoreline. The rides are 1/2 off on Tuesday nights.

Kyle was brave enough to ride the roller coaster.

We were watching the kids go around and Kyle told me to look at the expression on this horse's face. We laughed because she happened to choose this horse among all the animals.

Here's the close-up. What a crack-up to see that tongue.